Business Model

LipimetiX is focused on the cost-efficient development of its technology utilizing a virtual company structure under the leadership of experienced scientists and biotech business executives, through a partnership between Benu BioPharma and Capstone Therapeutics.

The Chimeric Apo E Mimetic Peptide (CHAMP) technology addresses serious unmet needs in large patient populations:

- acute pancreatitis with hypertriglyceridemia
- patients with genetically based refractory hyperlipidemias who develop cardiovascular disease early in life, often due to an inability to remove cholesterol and triglyceride rich lipoproteins from the blood - the novel Apo E mimeticsbypass the natural pathway missing in these patients
- patients with acute pancreatitis and severely elevated triglycerides
- patients with cardiovascular disease expressed as acute coronary syndrome. The rapid cholesterol and triglyceride lowering and lesion regression mediated by the Apo E mimetics directly benefits the artery wall

LipimetiX plans to develop the technology through Phase 2 proof of concept studies and then transfer the technology to a corporate partner to complete the development and commercialization.